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Just wondering

If anyone still posts here?

A word from your founder.

Hi guys.

Been a while.

Been listening to a lot of TT lately due to purchase of III. It's been a great month.

I will leave you with this gem.


Grammy related

I happen to look when Jeff Lynn was on and I saw a few people that I have come to recognize to be part of the Take That music entourage. The drummer, and music director. I never got a good look at the bass player to see if it was another member of the team.

Did anyone else notice?

Take That 2014 - weekly challenge group

Take That 2014
It’s a new year and if things hold true, we’ll have a new Take That album for our enjoyment.

In counting down to the next chapter of Take That taking over the world, a weekly challenge writing group. This will be open to gen and slash writing. Respect to all authors will be requested. Comments and support to those who post will be greatly recommended.

Mark ** ** Gary ** ** Jason ** ** Howard ** Robbie

AU, cannon, PWP, and any other form would be welcomed. Drabble, double drabbles, one line sentences. Ficlets, to full blown stories, all will be welcome

Let’s gather around, hands on each other’s shoulders (no butte squeezing allowed .. well that never is a true rule) and give a BIG TAKE THAT for the boys.


Gary and Robbie roundup.


Gary Barlow's new single 'Let Me Go' up for purchase at itunes.

Also Gary's latest video:


Robbie Williams' new single 'Go Gentle' is out now on iTunes! Taken from Robbie's brand new album 'Swings Both Ways', out November 18.

Also Robbie's latest video here. Sorry can't embed the video.


From Gary Barlow:
So happy to finally share this with you! Presenting my new single 'Let Me Go', out November 17! From my brand new album Since I Saw You Last, out November 25.


Also the album cover:

A nod to Take That is in the new One Direction video. I wonder how many young fans would catch the reference.



See the video here.

Mark Owen's new music!


[ALBUM] The Art Of Doing Nothing by Mark Owen will be released by Polydor on 10th June. It is the singer/songwriter’s fourth solo album and most collaborative today, and his first since Take That reunited in 2006.

[TOUR] Owen will take his show on the road in June with an eight date tour including a finale at Belfast's Limelight 1 on Thursday 20th June. Tickets go on-sale on Friday 10th May at 9am from all usual outlets priced £25 + bf!


[SINGLE] "Stars" will be released as the lead single from the album on June 3, 2013. The single premiered on BBC Radio 2 on the Ken Bruce show, before the music video was released later that afternoon. The video depicts Owen in an astronaut suit, walking around a city centre, in a shopping mall and dancing at a disco, all whilst trying to escape from the suit.


[DLOAD]: Stars from sendspace

Sep. 20th, 2012

I had a bit of a rant on Tumblr the other day. Just thought I would share it here, too. I'm interested to hear your feedback and similar experience.

I could never, ever hate on One Direction fans. Seventeen years ago, I was just like them: infatuated, screaming, crying over a British boyband named Take That. Having these new feelings of lust. Their accents. Their hair. Freaking the fuck out when I found a CD of theirs I did not yet own. The bitterness that I would never know them personally. The loss Mark Owen must have felt for not having me in his life…

In a way, I envy these 1D fans, these Bieber fans… it is so much easier being a fangirl in 2012. You can buy their merchandise everywhere. You can see them on TV. You can buy a ticket to their concert. In the six months I had Take That before the dreaded split, it truly did hurt so good. We didn’t have the internet back then, so I cherished every moment I could get. Any magazine clipping. Any video MuchMusic would bother playing. I had such a hard time getting their merchandise, that I started to make my own: scrapbooks, collages, necklaces, hand-painted tshirts. If I ever found their music in the import section at HMV, I would usually make a scene. Yes, my tiny clump of Thatters and I often showed public displays of affection that went nowhere and meant nothing to anyone.

I’ve still never seen them in concert. I still don’t have an autograph. I’ve still got my nose pressed against the window that is the Atlantic Ocean. I have nothing but their music and my memories. I will always support Take That, and appreciate anyone remotely close.

Source: http://lesiku.tumblr.com



Hello! I am girltype, the new maintainer at take_that. I currently revamped the userinfo and added active communities related to take that and added some more information and keywords so others can find this place. I also changed the layout and added on the sidebar links to some TT resources available online and added a tag system, I will slowly be tagging all the entries through out next month. Please remember to tag any future entries (and if you can think of any tags that are needed, let me know and I will add them!)

Please feel free to message me with any concerns, questions and such on. Thanks!


I'd just like to announce that girltype is now a maintainer here. Any near-future changes are her doing, and that's awesome.

Well, I assume it will be ;)


2012 London

HOW awesome was the closing ceremonies? dearly_beloved and I watched the whole thing from start to finish where she spazzed for One Direction and I rolled around for Take That. :) SO GOOD. But TAKE THAAAAAAAAAT. It was SOOOOOOOOOO good seeing them and so great that it was TT4! Maybe that makes me a terrible fan but any moment where Robbie isn't around makes it so much better for me. :) And Rule the World is such a crowd-favorite. Also Jason's dancing. I. CAN'T. NO. Someone should gif all the dvd moments of his bizarre moves. ;__; AND SO PROUD of Gaz. RIDIC proud for him to come out and give 110%. Bless those boys.

Also the 2012-ver of 'Rule the World' off the Closing Ceremonies album:

some take that b-sides

Here are those fabulous Take That B-sides I was talking about (also popped in some remixes that were requested.) but the b-sides have great Markie vocals!

Take That - Patience (Nathan Jay remix)
Take That - Patience (Remix)
Take That - Patience (Acoustic Mix)
Take That - Trouble With Me (b-side)
Take That - Rule the World (Rave Mix)
Take That - Six in the Morning Fool (b-side)
Take That - Beautiful Morning (b-side)
Take That - Rule the World live (b-side)
Take That - SleepWalking (b-side)
Take That - 84 (b-side)
Take That - We all Fall Down (b-side)
Take That - Throwing Stones (b-side)

Let's have a Take That picspam, Y/Y?

Let's have a big ol' Take That pic spam, it could be a screen cap, some wallpaper, an icon or a favorite scan from a magazine. Dig out the old favorites, let's share. This is basically the last dozen or so pics I've saved recently: Read more...Collapse )

who's excited for the Progress Live DVD?

I am! 

Progress Live will be out on DVD and Blu Ray on November 21st.
I just can't wait...  too many teasers from the fancams, I am green with envy T_T 
I went to see Progress Live 2011 on Friday in Hamburg and wrote a little report. Unfortunately I don't really remember all the details and I was too far away to see the expression on their faces. But maybe you're interested anyway. Have a look here. Let's enjoy the last two dates, it'll be all over soon. :(


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